AccountEdge 2011 adds Progress Billing, Retainers, and more in US

Posted on December 21, 2010, by ed

December 21, 2010 (Rockaway, NJ) – Acclivity today announced AccountEdge 2011 for Mac and Windows. The latest version of their small business accounting software marks a new era for the 20-year old desktop application, with a robust feature list including an app for iPad and iPhone, a new time-tracking web application, and advanced retainers and progress billing capabilities.

“We’re happy to announce our iPad and iPhone app will let people take their business on the road,” said Managing Partner Tom Nash. “You will be able to enter sales and expenses from anywhere and sync that data with your company’s Mac or Windows desktop version of AccountEdge.”

AccountEdge Mobile for iOS

AccountEdge Mobile is currently available in the iTunes store (iPad only, with the iPhone version soon to release). The free app syncs cards, items, activities, and jobs, to create quotes and orders, and service and time billing sales, activity slips and expense transactions. AccountEdge 2011 is required.

Time Tracker for AccountEdge

Time Tracker is a web application that lets employees and sub-contractors enter time sheets and activity slips remotely, whether they are across the office, across town, or across the country. Time Tracker lets users apply time to both jobs and payroll, and then sync with AccountEdge 2011. It makes time billing simple, fast, and secure, and allows employees to enter their time without having access to the company’s full accounting records.
Time Tracker is soon to be released and is free while in beta, with a modest subscription price to be announced at a later date.

Progress billing

Progress billing is new in AccountEdge and allows for work to be billed as completed, with the option to bill by percentage of a total quote, by a percentage for each line item, or by invoice line items individually in dollars or percentage. Contractors, architects, engineering firms, and others that bill by project or by job can use AccountEdge to manage the invoicing of an entire project from start to finish.


Retainer management, new in AccountEdge 2011, lets attorneys, graphic designers, and others that work on retainer receive payments and add expenses to a retainer account to pay bills on behalf of clients. A minimum retainer balance can be set, and replenishment requests and printing of customer retainer statements can be completed with a single click.

More features in AccountEdge 2011

Create an invoice from a purchase

Increased description, note, and email message field size

Updated search on select-from list

Sales and purchases action buttons

Enstore-related updates

Reconciled date on account history report

New company file assistant and easy setup assistant redesign

New PDF engine improves image quality, allows for all fonts on forms

For a full list of new features available in AccountEdge 2011, please visit for AccountEdge for Mac and for AccountEdge for Windows.

Pricing and availability

AccountEdge is available through the AccountEdge website,, and other online outlets, mail order catalogs, and select retailers. AccountEdge is priced at $299 for new users, and $159 for upgraders ($249 for Network Edition). AccountEdge Mobile is available for free from the App Store. Time Tracker is free while in beta, with a subscription price to be announced. For more information, please visit, or call (800) 322-6962.