Acclivity NYC Releases Checkout 3.5

Posted on June 28, 2012, by lauren

June 28, 2012 (New York, NY) – Acclivity NYC announced the release of Checkout 3.5, an upgrade including minor feature enhancements and bug fixes, including speed improvements order window, reports, and more.

Release Notes

Included in Checkout 3.5:

Customer Displays:
Customer Displays now supported. The following models are now supported: Logic Controls TD3000 U, LT900 UP and PD3000 UP.

Using the Automatic Printing After Payment option in Store Settings will print receipts/invoices without displaying a dialog to your selected printer.
During automatic printing, we detect the first Receipt Printer attached to your computer and use that, no need to make it the default printer.
We automatically open all the cash drawers attached to your Receipt Printer, no need to setup anything.
Sales paid via Credit Card will now automatically print 2 copies of a receipt.
New option to always print out 2 copies of a receipt.
A Store Logo can now be printed on a receipt. This can be controlled in the Document and Footer Settings in the Template Manager

A series of new custom reports have been added: Discounts Given, Orders, Performance by Brand, Performance by Tag, Price Exception Product By Brand, Product By Tag, Stock Correction
Sales report added grand total
Tax report shows now extra column with tax exempt sales
Brand column now available on the Stock report.
New Performance Report replaces the Turnover report.
Processed Payments report now shows the total amount.
Employees report includes quantity sold instead of number of invoices. The report has also been tuned for performance.
Feature: Product Sold report includes more detailed information

Client Inspector:
The database will now continually optimize for performance and because of this the option in Store Preferences->General->This Mac: the “Optimize database performance when idle” has been removed. When upgrading to v3.5 Checkout will optimize the full database at this time which will take additional time to complete.

When exporting a Ledger, the previous chosen format is taken.

Checkout 3.5 is available for $499 from