Rerun adds Customizable Checkout Page

Posted on July 17, 2014, by lauren

Rockaway, New Jersey - July 17, 2014 - Acclivity, developer of small business accounting software and services, announced today the addition of Checkout to Rerun, it's recurring billing service. Checkout allows you to create a customizable checkout page to link to from your website.

When your customers, clients or donors make a selection based on your product or services offered, and checkout on your website, they’ll be attaching themselves to one of your Rerun payment streams without your help, time or attention. Eliminate the timely hassle of entering your customer’s contact and payment information manually, and let Rerun handle it automatically.

Rerun lets you customize your Checkout page by:

Choosing which payment streams to show to your customers, or offer one-time payments.
Decide how much or how little of customer’s information you want to take.
Add a confirmation page to give your customer a summary of the product/service and add your own “I Agree” text.
Choose whether to accept credit cards or ACH, or both.
Create a Thank You page to let your customers know that you appreciate their purchase
Rerun Checkout wouldn’t be the process it is without the option of customizing the page. Rerun Checkout allows for you to change the header color and add a header image so that your Checkout page fits with your website’s overall look and feel. Check out this tutorial to learn more about Rerun Checkout or schedule a call with one of our product specialists by clicking here.

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