Rerun adds Invoice Billing

Posted on January 18, 2016, by lauren

Rockaway, New Jersey - January 18th, 2015 - Acclivity, developer of small business accounting software and services, announced today the addition of Invoice Billing to Rerun, it's recurring billing service. Invoice billing will allow customers to send emails to their customers with a pay now button that will allow them to pay their open invoices.

When you create a payment stream (i.e. payment plans) in Rerun, you’ll be greeted with the option of choosing whether you want that payment stream to be automatic or invoice.

Automatic: Payments will be processed automatically on the date(s) and frequency specified.

Invoicing: Invoices will be automatically emailed to customers on the date(s) and frequency specified. Each invoice includes a Pay Now button and login credentials to a secure, hosted My Account page where your customer can select which invoice(s) to pay.

Both allow for the variable stream option, auto prorating the first payment and adding a credit card surcharge. If you select the invoicing stream type, you’ll need to choose an invoice billing template to send out to your customers. You can choose to use our invoice template, or simply create your own.

Our automatic billing option is the same as our old payment streams. If you choose invoice billing, your customers will be emailed an invoice in which they will need to click the pay now button to complete the payment process. See below for a sample email.

You can set up as many streams of Automatic and/or Invoicing as you would like. You can also choose to have some as automatic and some as invoicing. If one stream type doesn’t work out for your business type, you can always edit the payment stream to change it to the other option.