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MYOB US Announces AccountEdge 2008: New command center interface and other Mac-centric features power upgrade

November 27, 2007 (Rockaway, NJ) - MYOB US today announced the immediate availability of the latest version of their premium line of Mac small business management and accounting software, MYOB AccountEdge 2008.

Among the notable new features in AccountEdge 2008 are a redesigned command center interface and integration with various Mac OS X technologies.

"The features found in AccountEdge 2008 underscore our commitment to the Mac platform," says Tom Nash, Managing Partner, MYOB US. "Usability and improved workflow is an underlying theme throughout the 2008 feature set, including a redesigned command center interface, integration with iCal and .mac iDisk, greatly improved search abilities, a new help system, vacation and sick time tracking, as well as customer-requested enhancements that should make AccountEdge users very happy."

New command center

AccountEdge 2008 has undergone a makeover with a new-look command center.

"The redesign is more than cosmetic," says Nash. "The new command centers in AccountEdge include task drawers that let you store a list of common functions for quick and easy access."

Integration with Mac OS X apps

AccountEdge 2008 now integrates with Mac OS X's iCal and .Mac. Reminders can be set up and sent from AccountEdge to iCal as calendar events and To Dos. The user's iCal calendar can remind them to follow-up on on overdue invoices, make bill payments, or check leads.

AccountEdge can now be backed up to Apple's .Mac iDisk, so that a copy of a user's company file and other related files can be backed up off-site.

"It's essential to have an accessible back up outside of your home or office," Nash says. "With an Apple .Mac account being so affordable, it's a no-brainer to provide the ability to back up to a customer's .Mac iDisk."

User-driven features

AccountEdge 2008 includes more user-driven features that will help Mac small businesses to mind their own business. Smarter.

Enhanced search

AccountEdge 2008 features an enhanced search tool that lets the user search contacts, items, transactions, and more with a number of fields, including zip code, item description, first name, email address, vendor item number, and more. Only results that match are returned, and the results can be printed.

New reminder log

The new reminder log allows the user to create reminders regardless of whether they have an associated contact. All reminders in AccountEdge 2008 can be published to iCal, and can be managed in the new reminder log.

Vacation and sick time tracking

AccountEdge 2008 now tracks employee time off. Leave tracking allows for a more precise tracking of employee vacation and sick time, including which days are taken, reason for time off, new accrual balance reports, automatic wage adjustments on timesheets and reports detailing vacation and sick time taken, accrued and time left.

Also in AccountEdge 2008

Email and print pay stubs

Improved inventory features and reports

Itemized customer statements, which now include discounts and credits

Itemized payables stub, which includes debits and discounts taken

Print or email itemized payment notifications

New help system that is easier to search and navigate

Full list of new features available in MYOB AccountEdge 2008.

Pricing and availability

Available through Apple resellers, the MYOB website,, and other online outlets and mail order catalogs, MYOB AccountEdge is priced at $299 for new users, and $159 for upgraders ($249 for multi-user). For more information on MYOB AccountEdge 2008, please visit MYOB's website, or call (800) 322-MYOB (6962).



MYOB US acts as exclusive US republisher of the award-winning MYOB small business accounting and management and Point of Sale software lines for Macintosh and Windows platforms (MYOB). MYOB US also offers a portfolio of business services that help small business owners to better serve the needs of their customers, their employees, and themselves.

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